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This will be a web page with just things that interests me which is mostly programming.
Code is hosted at codeberg.org/deSelby
Feel free to contact me at orbb at cock.li



2023-08-16 Wrote a small tutorial about what was pretty much a brain fart concerning polar coordinates.
Also I've been revising a lot about --C but haven't done any update to the program yet. Over all I feel that it was on the right track though a lot of my presumptions have turned out to be incorrect but I still hope that it will turn into something worth while. One is reminded of the William Blake quote that "If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.". Lets hope he was right.

2023-06-11 I've been plugging away at MorningStar. At first I tried to improve on how things worked in WordStar but after a while I came to the realization that I like WordStar too much to do a half-assed implementation and to try and fix things. For a program that old it's a remarkably well thought out system that deserved a more faithful adaptation. What I really want is for you to be able to read one of the old WordStar manuals from the '80s and from that be able to use MorningStar. Even managed to get WordStar's auto-scrolling and auto-command features to work by abusing the key sequence timeout in a most delightfully hackish way.
Vim script though turned out to be singularly horrible. Nothing works as you expect it to, at one point I had to split a couple of commands into three separate functions because if they were in the same one, even though the execution order should be exactly the same, it doesn't work. I have no idea why and I don't want to find out. If I knew how much trouble it would be at the outset then I'd probably have gone with Neovim instead as it seems to have way better scripting facilities.
Prose has also been a bigger focus and I've added spell checking and a thesaurus. The thesaurus was something I didn't know I wanted until learning that WordStar had it available from a simple key combo.
There's also very basic pop-up menus now for those of us that still can't remember the keys.
I've gotten bored of the raycaster experiment with sloped floors and instead I started playing around with using polar coordinates to calculate movement in a game. The code works and now I just have to write the tutorial.

2023-01-08 Added a project to try and recreate WordStar in Vim. I know that previously I said it was a good idea to just use vanilla Vim in order to be able to use any system you sit down at but I'm nothing if not inconsistent, so I'm now using a set of keybindings emulating a dead editor. If I ever find a time machine I'll at least be well sorted to use most computers in the '80s.
I've been using notabug.org for code hosting but there's suddenly weird "the remote end hung up unexpectedly" errors when pushing changes. They're intermittent and don't seem to hinder the files getting on the server. While I can't figure out what's causing them it could have something to do with their gogs ports not having been updated since 2018. At the same time notabug had several outages last year, sometimes lasting for days but their outages page hasn't been updated since 2016. In addition, if you try and click on the Report a problem link at the bottom of their site you're greeted by a 404 error. This leads me to believe that maybe they are not all that dedicated to running the site so I've decided to switch code hosting over to codeberg.org.
On a happier note I found a whole laptop in the trash! It was an HP Elitebook 840 G2 so a bit old but still newer than the Samsung from 2010 that I'd been using. Someone had spilled either Coke or coffee on the keyboard as it was sticky with brown goo that had then pooled along the ZIF connector on the motherboard. After cleaning the connector and rinsing out they keyboard in water it all worked fine.

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