This will be a web page with just things that interests me which is mostly programming.
Feel free to contact me at orbb@cock.li


2020-05-31: A day late a buck short, as usual. I had a new collision algo that worked but it was too complicated so I scrapped it. Now I got a new one that seems OK and the code is done but I haven't had the time to rewrite the tutorial. Maybe I shouldn't commit to new time tables but it'll probably be done this week.
I did write something about the perennial subject of Linux on the desktop under ramblings. There isn't really a clear line of thought in it but it was something that had been on my mind.
2020-05-10: Added a page about my brief encounter with PLC and visual programming under ramblings. I'm doing a rewrite of the collision detection page that should be done in a week or two.
2020-04-12: Added a book recommendation program under projects.
2020-03-22: Fixed bug in pathfinding tutorial. Collision avoidance should not fire inside the desired convex set.