This will be a web page with just things that interests me which is mostly programming.
Code is hosted at notabug.org/orbb
Feel free to contact me at orbb@cock.li



2020-07-26: Wrote a tutorial on how to get a bunch of units to handle collisions with each other when moving as a group / flocking. It's not the optimal solution when it comes to pathing one unit around another and you'll have to babysit them occasionally but it's done in very little code and that's one of my main concerns. I've not tested it extensively because honestly I got a bit tired of this problem and wanted to shove it out the door. Likely this has to be modified later like the collision algorithm was when I've used it more but I feel that the basic idea is sound.
Next I want to make a raycaster engine.

2020-07-09: Wrote a bit about SDKs while procrastinating on the group AI tutorial.

2020-06-23: Added an ASCII paint program under projects.

2020-06-08: Updated the collision tutorial. It became necessary after doing a demo with a lot of units bumping into each other and finding a bunch of flaws with it. It now supports proper handling for intersecting squares as well as relative motion. The main part of it is also broken out into it's own function and it has less indentation levels compared to previously so it should be easier to read even if it is a bit longer.
The pathfinding tutorial still uses the old code but I'll get around to updating it soon. The principle remains exactly the same so it won't really affect the tutorial.
Next I want to write a group behavior tutorial now that I've got most of it working but I'm also doing another small GUI program that might sidetrack me.
The site has also passed 1,000 views on neocities which is nice.

2020-05-31: A day late a buck short, as usual. I had a new collision algo that worked but it was too complicated so I scrapped it. Now I got a new one that seems OK and the code is done but I haven't had the time to rewrite the tutorial. Maybe I shouldn't commit to new time tables but it'll probably be done this week.
I did write something about the perennial subject of Linux on the desktop under ramblings. There isn't really a clear line of thought in it but it was something that had been on my mind.

2020-05-10: Added a page about my brief encounter with PLC and visual programming under ramblings. I'm doing a rewrite of the collision detection page that should be done in a week or two.

2020-04-12: Added a book recommendation program under projects.

2020-03-22: Fixed bug in pathfinding tutorial. Collision avoidance should not fire inside the desired convex set.